Lost My Way a Bit

So with this COVID-19 thing going around have to admit is starting to be mentally a struggle and been feeling quite low.

Obviously being self employed money is a concern at the moment. Luckily I can still work as classed as a key worker.

The other thing is with no races booked for the foreseeable future I have no direction training wise. So just going out for a run is not really cutting it.

So the other day I went for a run with a bit of fun. I had a warm up down to West Park for 20 mins.

Then had a solo Park Run, which I did in 23mins 48secs ok no where near my personal best but felt good.

Which after a couple of cans of Abbott’s Ale last night remembered about Garmin Coach feature on Garmin Connect.

So decided to do 5k one just to have something to focus on for the coming months and keep my head together.

ADHD, Anxiety and Depression is not the best things to have during social distancing and lockdown. Yes I am behaving myself but in process is breaking me mentally.

So this is being positive out of a bad situation.

Monday’s run 23 March 2020
Thursday 26th March 2020 My own solo Parkrun

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