Virtual Summer League Event #3 5 Mile Time Trial

So Friday the 17th I did mt attempt. Basically too run 5 miles as fast as I can.

I went out before work so it was still nice and cool, the sun out.

Setting me up for a good start to the day.

Original plan was to do it round West Park. I vetoed this purely on basis I would get bored at three and a half laps.

So opted for the canal which is probably better for my hay-fever as well.

So I ran out 3 miles to come back 2, and then have a cool down trot back too home.

I manged to complete this in an incredible 38 minutes 08 seconds.

After I recovered and look later my stats on Garmin Connect, I realised I also had a fantastic heart for the run and pretty stable and consistent.

Overall very pleased, just wondering though if this was an actual race with a field of competitors would I have been quicker.

Sweaty video on completion
Heart Rate


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