Week Ending 17th May 2020

Virtual LERC Summer League Races

Plus new inspiration

This week had 2 races with club, well virtual solo ones.

Although some restrictions have been slackened distancing still in place.

I have been struggling mentally with the environment around us.

With no “real” raced to train for, I have lost some motivation. with out anything to focus on training seems more of a chore.

So I spoke to Coach P, the chap who trains me for marathons. I have asked him to put together weekly training diaries. This defiantly ignited the fire in me again.

This Weeks Running

Tuesday was a 4 mile event pretty strait forward run 4 miles as close to 5k distance as possible.

All was going well, however around the 2.5 mile mark my, ADHD medication, sent my heart rate up 60bpm.

I had to reduce my pace but kept pushing as hard as I could to get a half decent time in.

I managed a fairly respectable 31m50s. Just a bit gutted as I knew it should been a bit faster.

Thursday went out for 40 mins easy recovery run nothing exciting but needed it.

To day Saturday was a 12 minute Time Trial

Basically run as far as possible in the allocated time.

I had a good warm up, took ADHD meds, well before the attempt.

I was not going to take any prisoners this time.

Kept good constant pacr, felt really strong as well.

In 12 minutes I managed 1.69 miles.

Run as far as possible in 12 minutes

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