Week Commencing 25/5/2020


The Hard Work Continues

Really have found my mojo again. This weeks training pretty much same as last weeks.

Only difference was mileage and seeing how heart rates correlates with pace by upping the paces slightly

What we found is I am running at faster paces with a lower heart rate.

This meaning I am getting stronger and faster with less effort.

Mentally I am finding it a lot better having a schedule to work to and being guided by a professional coach means you do not no whats going to hit you following week.

I guess the key is variety is the ‘The Spice or Training’

Summary of Weeks Training

Tuesday Easy 50 running with 15 Minutes warm up then 15 Secs pick up (strides) then 4m45s easy running pace and a 5 minutes cool down.

Wednesday Easy Heart rate Run, 50 mins keeping heart rate in zone 1 139-152 bhp and managed an average pace of 9m27s miles. Huge improvement a year ago the pace would of been around 10m30s so just over a minute a mile quicker on pace at a lower heart rate.

Thursday Easy 50 Minutes Aerobic running, kept around 10min mile pace. Which to be honest was more of a recovery pace than a slight aerobic pace. Average heart rate was around 136bpm.

Friday REST DAY well cant let Friday missed off beer and chill out day.

Saturday Easy 45 minutes with the 15 Second pick ups. Was tough had a bit of fatigue in my hamstrings although average pace was 9m 11s pace, average heart rate was 158bpm. Although I was going quicker than I realised. The pick ups i concentrated more on running form and posture than speed.

Sunday Long Run for 80 minutes. Hydration was the key today. It was really hot out there.
So I filled up bladder with 2 litres of water and 2 electrolyte High 5 Tablets. Also carried some High5 Energy gels.
I consumed most of the water mix and 1 energy gel.
Sorry when I meant bladder I don’t mean my wee wee one its a small ruck sack with a bag and pipe to suck on to keep the fluid replacement going.
Prefer to carrying water bottles in my hands or on a belt, but still don’t really like it.
During a race you have hydration station s, when training well you have not got that luxury.

4 thoughts on “Week Commencing 25/5/2020

  1. Good read Brian. Interesting to read about your “variety” in your running schedule. Dont know if it’s my age, build (not fat), not sufficient sleep at times, or combination but even doing 2 x 5km runs a week I cant seem to break the 30 to 31minutes barrier. Maybe I should start adopting the schedule variety- including pace changes, with short runs and the longer 5km runs.


  2. Good news is age and build nothing to do with it.

    I dont know how long you have been running.

    The key is to do most of your training slower than target pace.

    If you can do 5k (3.1 miles) in 30 mins thats an average of 9.41 minutes a mile which is awesome pace.

    So your training paces should be a round 10m30s to 11m30s per mile

    Depending on your free time.

    Ideally 40mins tuesday and thursdays and saturdays

    Sundays try same pace 60 mins.


    1. Hi Brian,
      Thanks for your reply.
      I started doing Parkruns in May last year.
      After doing the weekly Parkruns regularly for a few months a sports club was set up at my work part of which was a running/ walking club. I met up with a few running colleagues at lunchtime and did a 5km run/jog at least once or twice a week- in addition to the Parkruns
      Since lockdown I have been getting out twice a week using the same 5km route – part of which includes a steep hill. With recent warm weather my times have ranged between 31.5 mins to 33 mins.
      So from what u suggest do the 3 x 40 mins at a slower pace and then say Sunday do 60 mins at a different pace – or have I picked you up wrong?


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