Week Ending 14/06/20

Pushing a Bit Harder

So this week venturing into zone 3. This is the tempo zone.

Running a bit faster but controlled and not at max effort.

Coach is seeing how heart rate correlates to higher pacing.

Tuesday was a hard tempo session. 60 meters run hard and then 60 meters walk back and repeated 8 times.

This was done in Zone 5 in the Anaerobic end of training. This type of training is for improving speed, endurance.

Having advantages for both aerobic and anaerobic performance.


Rest Day


60 mins interval training

1.Warm up
30 min@9:42-11:47 min/mi

2.Repeat 1 times
100m@7:51-8:15 min/mi
100m@16:30 min/mi
Walk back to start point

3.Repeat 8 times
60.0 m@ 6:21-6:52 min/mi
Zone 5c
95-100%effort.Rep 1-2 slightly easier.
60.0m@16:30 min/mi
Zone 1
Walk back to start point

4.Cool Down 10 min


Easy Heart Rate 50mins max 153bpm


Steady 60 minutes




50 mins Easy with Pick ups


1hr20min long run

30 mins steady

Followed by 30 Second pick up 4m30s steady.

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