Covid-19, Mental Health and all things not normal

Not wrote about this side of life for a while.

Guess to wrapped up in running and not expanding on the other side of my blog and diary.

Been tough few months as adjusting to the new normal is not easy. Living with ADHD has been A challenge and as being told what to do and making these lifestyle adjustments is very tough.

I have felt pretty low at times over last few months. Probably because I don’t like this new environment and on running side races not happening or canceled every week.

My family at home keep me going, do not understand what is going in my head; I don’t know whats happening in there let alone any one else under standing.

Guess I just keep it to my self with laughter and messing around.

Positive side of things are the fact I love delivering for Hermes as I have my own round now in Spondon, Derby (England).

So I am out and about having conversations and keeping the customers happy, thats what I do best.

Will I go back into sales honestly I don’t think so not full time any way. Yes I could earn more, however I have learned it not just about the money.

With Hermes I am making good money plus its self employed as well. More importantly the work/life balance is right.

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