The 2 weeks recovery over so this week started to ‘crank’ things up again.

Legs back too 100% and no niggles or aches and pains. Feeling fresh, recovered and full of life again.

Tuesday was a easy 50mins running in zones 1 and 2 (max heart rate 162bpm)

Wednesday was a 800m interval session so 20 minutes warmup followed by 800m hard running and then 800m easy jog recovery. This was done over 4 sets.

This was done at a controlled pace not all out to get the end of session.

The other key factor was not to over do it and risk injuries after the rehabilitation 2 weeks.

Thursday easy 40 minutes running kept it in zone one so max 150bpm heart rate.

Saturday 50 minutes running with 30 second pick ups after 15 mins warm up. So 30 Second strides and good form sprint then 4m30s easy running. Repeated 6 times and 5 min cool Down.

Sunday was a steady 90 mins running. Which was in strong winds and then torrential wind and gales.

So overall a very productive week.

Next week is benchmark mark week to measure my progress.


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