Not much to report really.

Being a self employed courier and sub contracting to Hermes has meant all work and no play.

With peak period, this includes run up to Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and of course a 4 week lock down with this funny flu thing that’s been going round!!!

I have been working 12 hour days over a 7 day period, although it seems to be easing off now.

I have been out but only for short runs, more for mental wellness than anything else.

Once this period is over will be back training hard.

With the good news of the vacine been rolled out for Covid, hopefully in the New Year things will start to go back to some sort of normality what ever that may be.

Hoping to get a Marathon booked for next year, get my self a decent Personal Best Time.

Not had a race for over a year now, and really eager to get to a start line niow.

So I treatee my self to new winter wear, base layer tops and leggings.

Also a new par of Nike Structure 23 which should be arriving next week.

After breaking and replacing my running watch, I got my self a vivofit strap for every day wear half price on Amazon so happy with that.

Hopefully when I update again be a bit more to write about.


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