Slowly easing back into training, this week.

Now Christmas is out of the way and life back to normal.

Well as normal as Covid will let be.

Only session missed this week was Thursday due to -2c out side and Black ice and with freezing fog. If I we might not of ended well.

Really enjoyed today’s run, cold, misty. Good to brush the cobwebs off.

Needed to clear my head as well, this new National Lockdown taking the toll mentally.

Changed how I take my ADHD medication and Antidepressants, take both in the morning.

Feel much better was getting a massive come down with the ADHD medication and this has balanced things out nicely.

Don’t feel larthargic in middle of the day now.

Only negative thing is my appetite has been suppressed. So struggled to eat any thing after breakfast.

Not missed meals but hard work to consume food through the day..


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