Back To Normal Training

Weathers been better, even a bit warmer. Although raining, couple of days.

Been building up the tempo nicely. Heart rate steadily improving. How ever pace has been good, but extended rest period over December feels like fresh legs.

Although December was not a planned rest period!! Bloody work.

Lock down restrictions getting stricter so pretty much unsure where I can run. Is it ok to cross the border into South Derbyshire, NW Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire??

Not by car but by foot, the instructions are about as clear as the local parks mud!!

Not a massive amount of miles this week, 28.9 miles across 4 hours and 28 Minutes.

Next week should see more miles and time, also at higher pacing too.

Also altered how I take my ADHD (Xenidate) and Antidepressant’s (Sertraline). Both at the same time after breakfast.

What I have found by doing this I don’t get the mass ice come down from the ADHD pills. I am not feeling tired and lethargic in the afternoon.

However my appetite has gone down and some days have to force food down.

Wednesday – Recovery Run 40 mins
Thursday –Easy Paced 50 Minutes
Sunday – Long Run Day 🙂

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