Much Better Week

Well with the heavy snow last weekend put an end to training on Tuesday.

However we had rain, lots of it and this washed all the white stuff away. It also warmed up, in to double figures at one point. Which meant said water had not frozen over either.

So Tuesday Structured training, interval session, was moved to Wednesday.

On Thursday did a steady hour as per weekly calendar. Coach forgot to replace this with Wednesdays recovery 40 mins run.

Neadless to say by the end my legs where absolutely battered. Felt like the last couple of miles of a marathon!!

This week have also made huge improvement on fitness and getting back to where I was after the extended break in December.

Today, Sunday, Long run went really well and my heart rate as dropped right down. So over the next few weeks I am sure we will be back on track and getting faster and stronger every day.

Mental health has been good to as feeling more positive and hopefully, we can see some proper racing events as the vaccines are rolled out.

So over the next week it looks like Coach P has increased the intensity slightly to keep improving on performance for the long run.

Click Picture to play Weds (warmup and main session), Thurs, Sat & Sun.


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