Finally Penny Dropped

Running to Heart Rate is the way forward

This week I had a change of running metrics.

As coach has been setting a heart rate cap. For example my long run on Sunday capped to 160bpm maximum.

So I have set my watch so it only displays heart rate.

The example being to stay at a constant 155bpm.. ok slightly impossible but also controllable as well.

So if using the average pace and your going to slow or to fast, I found you have to make a drastic change of pace.

This in turn sends the heart rate way over / under the zone to be in.

What I have learned if the heart rate (HR) is a bit to high just reducing the pace slightly brings HR down and vice versa raises it.

All I am doing is altering pace very slightly to stay consistent.

I actually found by doing this I have run at a faster pace more consistently over the time period.

Running to pace(speed) I have worked out is an unnecessary distraction.


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