All Coming Together (W/e 7 March 2021)

Building Blocks Been Put Together

Been a very productive week with huge advancements


Very productive session. Interval training working on speed and endurance.

Essentially have to keep pace and also heart rate under control to get to the end of the session successfully.

This was as follows:

20 Mins Warm Up

  • 1st part repeated 10 Times
  • 60secs Run Hard
  • 60secs Run Easy

5 mins easy recovery running

  • 2nd part repeated 10 Times
  • 30secs Hard Run
  • 30secs Easy Run

10 Mins Cool Down


Pretty statuary 40 – 50 mins Recovery Running in zone 1.


This was a steady 60 and defiantly The Highlight Of The Week.

I don’t where this come from, I managed 7 miles in the hour.

Averaging an 8m30s a mile, and also a 144bpm.

I actually thought my pace was a lot less as now running completely to heart rate. So I do not get distracted by pacing.

I have slowly learned that this is a very effective metric to go by.

For example the first mile I just let the heart rate increase gradually and actually end up going faster across the mile with out shooting off at full pelt to begin with. Effective getting the blood and oxygen flowing and nicely warmed up.

I am also finding it much more efficient way of pacing as not having to make erratic changes to the speed and pace whether faster or slower.

This in turn has made each session a lot more under control and now starting to see the gains and results.


2nd recovery run

Sunday aka Long Runday

Sunday as normal is long run day, so had 90mins of steady running, only this week coach wanted me to take to the hills.

Again by using this new technique I have learned; well its not actually new just me being mentally challenged it only just sunk in.

So I kept my heart rate on the hill climbs under 180bpm, on flats and hill descents to keep my heart rate under 160bpm.

By using this method and metric for running again produced some very positive results.

  • Total Time = 1hr4011s
  • Total Distance = 10.61 miles
  • Average Pace = 9m21s a mile
  • Average Heart Rate = 159bpm

This week I have covered 34.4 miles, climbed 417ft,with 4hrs 22mins running time.


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