Disaster Strikes !!

Last week was a bad week (week ending 21/3/21),, in fact a terrible week.

Started off ok on Monday, everything going well. Then Tuesday, car goes wrong again. This time just the starter motor.

By the time the RAC had recovered me I did not get home till late, and did not feel like going out running.

Wednesday was a wasted day work wise and running wise. Sorting out getting it fixed and back on road, also getting a hire car so at least I could make some money.

Wednesday had a huge Migraine, not had one for years. This also wrote off the days training.

Thursday car was repaired so had collect it and drop hire car back Friday morning first thing.

Saturday managed to get out and do my Aerobic Heart Rate test, to be honest in reflection I was not happy with the result. I was also in the wrong frame of mind to be doing this. Although coach said it was not a great way of measuring the stats and was just trying it out on clients to see how well it works.

Sunday long run day was complete wash out.

Went out warmed up for couple of miles. Looking back I was not running well at all.

Got ready to do increase the pace for 3 miles went for about half a mile. I was feeling faint and felt like I was going to be sick. My heart rate had also shot right up and way to high for pace.

The pace should of been around 8 mins a mile. I was at 185bpm at 9m20s miles and could not get any faster.

So ended up walking back home and that was hard work in it self.

Coach noticed I had been struggling mentally and checked in to see what problem was, i.e. work. So messaged him back to explain what had been going on.

So car wise, this year MOT Done, Cambelt, Water pump and Full service done. New Clutch, Starter motor I think she has had a good overhaul.

Mentally feeling better again as things have settled down again, and felt much better and comfortable on tonight’s run.


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