Light At The End of The Tunnel

The last few weeks have seen some good health data and feed back from Coach P.

Good pace and low heart rates. The winter training is now paying off.

Plus the  positive news is that club races and summer tarmac league is back this year.

It seems like a life time since I have worn my racing gear and got some race bling at the end.

My race diary on Training Peaks (the app Coach uses for setting each weeks training plans) has now got some dates pencilled in. Well tapped in on a touch screen, pencil probably will not work very well.

6th May 2021 See’s the return of the Club Classic Banister Mile in homage to Roger Banister first ever 4 Minute Mile. Great fun to see how close you can get.

18th May 2021 5k Race. Hopefully set my self a new 5k Personal Best.

13th June 2021 Derby Half, just waiting on full confirmation that race will still be held as the Covid 19 rules are being relaxed. This race is not part of the Summer League races.

With a fresh out look and Covid looking like it is under control, we can make the road to recovery and slowly return to normal life.

Its been a long road to recovery and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, has certainly lifted my spirits up.

It has defiantly been affecting my own mental health. I cover things well as I am always laughing and joking.

I have not been as bad previously where I laugh and joke, but inside I am cracking up with my demons trying to destroy me.

Guess being in a happier and calmer place at home, and a none stressful work as well as changed things.

How ever still have to make sure I take my medication for depression as when I don’t or miss a few days I really do drop into a low mood. Although I hide it and mask it from those around me.

My long suffering partner Emma aka ‘er Indoors, know when I have not took my ADHD pills as I come more irritable and heck of a lot more annoying!!!

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