Almost Back On Track

Last couple of weeks gently easy back in to my training program with Coach P, of Optimal Running.

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday all easy 50 minutes session just to get every thing moving aqnd functioning again.

I had a virus after my covid jab, not covid but wiped me out.

The antibiotics seem to have done there job and shifted wahat ever was niggling my lungs.

Sunday was just a nice easy relaxing 90 mins of running.

This week things are being stepped up slightly.

Tuesday being a steady run so a bit quicker over 50 minutes.

Wednesday was a recovery 40 minutes run.

Yesterday (Thursday) I did 50 minutes Steady Running and 15 second pick ups (slight sprint), but under orders not to be at full throttle !!!

With the weather getting over 20 degrees Celcius this week hyrdation as been the main thing as well, as sweating a lot and also heart rate is higher due to the heat.

Natural response from the body to keep it cool and at right temperature.

I have also been under taking a a distance learning Course in Improving Personal Excersize, Health and Nutrition.

Which has given my mental health a massive boost as doing something positive and the insights are really fascination.

I hope you enjoy my blog please help me with a bit of hydration and click the button below


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