Brilliant Week

Been hot out, making me all wet and sticky in the heat.

How ever its not stopped me making sure I keep pushing hard when needed.

Tuesday was rolling intervals.

After a 20 minutes of warm up running, we had 5 repeats of the following.

1 Minute hard effort but not sprinting.

4 Easy recovery running

Followed by a 10 minute cool down.

Main thing was keeping the 1 minutes hard effort under control not sprinting just increasing the pace. Basically building strength in the legs and also endurance as well.

Wednesday nice easy recovery run for 40 minutes.

60 Minutes Thursday & 50 Minutes Saturday steady and easy running, working on the slow twitch fibres.

With doing my college course it helps me to understand things better. The low paced running is energy used by oxygen & fat reserves.

These are what you need for longer distance running, anything over 800 meters.

Sessions can be seen here

Would love a coffee this running and writing is thirsty work.

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