MOMO Wednesday

What is a MOMO I hear you say.

Very simply is an interval speed session. Where you run for 1 mile at a hard effort then another 1 Mile at a steady/easy effort. Then repeat it again.

So MOMO is short for Mile On Mile Off.

Helps to work on speed strength and also endurance/distance running.

Very important to warm up on these session because your need to get the muscles nicely warmed up and primed for the battering they are about to receive.

The cooling down is important too again to get heart rate back down and muscles back to a normal pace.

Followed by static stretches as well, again to help prevent injuries and cramps etc.

Over the years this is definitely one of my favorite sessions.

So it panned out as follows.

  • 2 Mile warm up
  • 2 sets of:
  • 1 Mile On, 1 Mile off
  • 1 Mile Cool down

So 7 miles in under an hour was really good going.

MOMO’S – 3 miles to 6 miles


2 thoughts on “MOMO Wednesday

  1. Nice workout.

    I like the idea of pushing hard on the mile for the mental endurance as well. Getting used to being uncomfortable goes a long way.

    Keep it up!


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