Long time no write.

Busy couple of weeks

Not just running but starting up my new company, its not play some times I have to actually do some work.

Had kick up the bum and had my qualifications I passed several years ago and re-registered my Domestic Energy Assessor Accreditation.

Here in the UK we have to an energy assessment and a Domestic Energy Certificate produced and lodged on the government port hole so a house can be sold, rented or even for funding for better heating or insulation.

So in couple of weeks its been going well and better than I actually expected.

Back to running

I have not stopped just been a little hectic to write.

Couple of weeks ago I volunteered as a Lab Rat for coach to try our his new fitness testing programme.

Involved various speed tests including:-

  • 2x 20s Sprints
  • 3min as hard as possible
  • 6min as hard as possible
  • 12 mins as hard as possible

Did these at the running track a Bramcote for better accuracy as nothing blocking GPS such as tree’s and also flat and more consistent.

I have also brought the Garmin HR-Run Chest strap as this adds other dynamics in addition to reading and transmitting heart rate.

These include stride length, time feet touch floor in milliseconds, balance and how up right you are.

Tried it on a treadmill and gave much better accuracy with regards to pace and speed.

Very impressed and well worth the money.

Then last week Back to normal sort of training how ever the Heat as been a big factor so easing off and also took an extra rest day on Saturday as even the evening it was over 35 degrees Celsius.

So Back to normal now balancing both delivering for Hermes (normally done by lunch time) and Surveying Houses; with running training and home life.

I have managed to get a perfect work/life balance.


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