All gone wrong again πŸ˜­πŸ˜­

Had a great run out Sunday although miss calculated the overall distance.

The schedule time was 1 HR and 45 mins.

Ended up doing nearly 15 miles in 2 HR and 15 mins.

Lovely run though as a lot cooler did forget to take water out. Plus got hungry as only had toast in morning.

So why gone wrong??

6 PM Sunday I had my second Covid jab. Which went ok this time.

Felt a bit drained after and Monday was not to bad.

Went for my Tuesday steady run. Did not feel comfortable to begin with.

Heart racing and over heated very quickly so new after mile had to give up.

End up a nice walk in to town and back again.

Today walked into town and back as a job to do.

That totally wiped me out again.


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